Lakefront Porch Realizes the Vision of the City and the Community 

Community groups have already brought the neighborhood to the Crowley Station platform by adding seating and making it home to the Crowley Station Community Gardens.

The vision for The Lakefront Porch on Wilson grew from the partnership among Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc., the Madison Water Utility, Madison Parks Division, and Madison Planning Division. Community leaders and neighbors have been actualizing this vision with these citizen and city partners and over 60 community members who contributed their ideas for creating a place for respite and social connection.


Transform the underused space to be an artistic, comfortable, and engaging destination


Enhance accessibility to one of downtown Madison’s only public outdoor gathering places


Harmonize with existing gardens and waterfront to create an urban retreat


Saiki Design is hired to develop the masterplan concept for the site
Madison Water Utility increased safety by updating the railings along the perimeter of the raised platform



Community Visioning Sessions
Funding procured from Madison Neighborhood Grant 



SPRING – Site design is finalized and construction begins
SUMMER – New site improvements are finished and open to the public
Planned construction of an accessible ramp from E. Wilson St. sidewalk, up to the platform
April – Fundraising begins

For more detailed information see our full Information Packet Resource

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Lakefront Porch Madison Wisconsin
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Ana Araújo
Eric Beuerman
Emily DeVore
Barbara Johnson
Ed Linville
Lyneda Masana
Emma Schaeffer
Nora Cate Schaeffer
Ellen Seuferer
Bert Stitt
Gary Tipler
Mary Lang Sollinger
Susan Schmitz