November 17, 2022

Podcast Episode with DMI

Greetings from the Lakefront Porch Team!‍

Spring and summer brought exciting developments for the Lakefront Porch at Crowley Station on Wilson Street. In April, Emily DeVore, the leader of the Lakefront Porch team, unveiled the innovative design from Saiki Design.  A succession of informational meetings, organized by community members and attended by Alderman Michael Verveer, followed.  Letters of support were contributed by Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Alderman Michael Verveer, Parks Superintendent Eric Knepp, and the Madison Water Utility.

Perhaps most gratifying have been the anticipation and enthusiasm of community members — and the growing list of donors. All donors are thanked on our website, and donors who give $1000 or more will be permanently recognized on the Lakefront Porch.  The volunteers who have been working hard on this project for many months are deeply grateful for all these contributions, large and small.

In August, Downtown Madison Inc. president Jason Ilstrup interviewed Emily DeVore about plans for the project and its benefits. The resulting podcast is an excellent informational resource. You can watch the 23-minute video podcast here:

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