April 30, 2023

Spring 2023 Update

Greetings from the Lakefront Porch Team!‍

Spring is here, and our collective efforts to establish a Lakefront Porch on the Crowley Station platform are moving ahead.  Thanks to all of you who have made this possible with your contributions.

We continue to collaborate with several city departments, Findorff Construction, Saiki Design, and our fiscal sponsor, the Madison Parks Foundation, to complete the project in 2023.  

To date, we have raised $360,000 of our $525,000 fundraising goal. Ken Saiki of Saiki Design has based his Phase 1 plan on our current funding, allowing us to begin construction while we continue to raise money.  

Stay tuned for an update with the construction plans and timeline in the near future.

In the meantime, check out this article from Madison Magazine.

Madison Magazine wrote an article about the Lakefront Porch in April, featuring the Madison Neighborhood Grant Program, which helped kickstart this project. Read the article here.

Check back on this page often for our project updates! If you'd like to get email updates when we have news to share, please contact us at lakefrontporch@gmail.com

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