July 14, 2023

The Lakefront Porch is Coming this Fall

Greetings from the Lakefront Porch Team!‍

We are very excited to announce the construction this fall of the Lakefront Porch on Wilson Street at Crowley Station!

Although our fundraising fell slightly short of our original budget goal, Saiki Design has adapted the park design to fit the new budget without sacrificing the lively vision of this new neighborhood amenity.

Plans were approved by the Urban Design Commission in June. Ken Saiki of Saiki Design serves as project coordinator working with J. H. Findorff & Son, Inc., the project contractor. We are also happy to have Operation Fresh Start working with Findorff to construct a portion of the park. Contracts are currently going through city approval processes and should be signed in early August. Construction materials can then be ordered, followed by a period of off-site fabrication and then about a month of on-site installation.

The Lakefront Porch will be open to the public later this fall!

The other big news is that the Lakefront Porch is currently going through the city approval process to become an official city park. This means it will be supported, maintained and programmed along with all of our other city parks.

To make the Lakefront Porch useful for the most people, we are asking again for your support.

With Madison Parks Foundation as our fiscal sponsor, Lakefront Porch has raised $390,000. With those funds we will build a platform, ramp, shade structures, community garden beds, a rain catchment system, and additional tables and chairs. We need to raise another $60,000 to outfit the park with more tables, chairs, and shade structures. The budget for construction will be set on August 1st, so we need your support now.

If you can help with a donation - even if you have already given – your gift will beautify the neighborhood for years to come.

To be a part of this neighborhood project, please visit lakefrontporch.org to donate via check or credit card through our partner, the Madison Parks Foundation.

Thank you for all your support, past and future.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lakefront Porch!

Check back on this page often for our project updates! If you'd like to get email updates when we have news to share, please contact us at lakefrontporch@gmail.com

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